Intovate International LLC is a Northwest based company committed to affordable, functional, innovative and customized technologies. Not just consultants, we evaluate technology, hardware and software as they hit the market and implement the best complete packages for your organization.


  • AllnOne

     Intovate’s All-In-One Interface

    Our All-In-One includes a 55” commercial HD display, large format PC,   Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, 1080p conference camera, audio amplification and more.

     All software is preconfigured and ready to use upon installation

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  • Front_Angled_small

    Ultra-Thin MobileCharger

    The lightest and slimmest 5000 mAh Mobile Charger on the market. It has a 1.0 amp USB Output / micro USB to charge mobile charger. It’s 90% more efficient than other similar chargers

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  • Logo_Lightbar.fwLightBar Pre-planning App

    How many steps is your pre-planning process? LightBar can do it in just one step. Out in the field just simply launch the LightBar app and start preplanning. The user interface is a simple drag and drop format allowing anyone to create preplans in a matter of minutes.



Interested in buying time?

Interested in buying time? We all know that there are some things that can be done without the hassles of traveling from point A to point B, take a look at our cost breakdown sheet. You will be able to get an estimate on cost for what your department needs!

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Business Justification

Every business has to be very efficient in operational expenditures and time management to remain competitive. Video conferencing is becoming an essential component of these efficiencies. Web based video conferencing platforms, custom designed by Intovate, for your business can create incredible efficiencies and save you time and money.

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North Kitsap Fire and Rescue case study

NKF&R like all organizations has some barriers using the phones as their primary means of communication along with email. They are missing the non-verbal communication aspects, which can create miscommunication. Luckily, Intovate’s Video Conferencer Packages addresses this nonverbal communication gap.

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Fire Station Video Conference Justification

The fire service is in desperate need of solutions to some long standing industry problems. An evolution must take place to become more efficient in service delivery and more fiscally responsible to the public. Video conferencing is a major key ...

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